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Job Completion Survey - Restoration

Reviewed By: Lily White
Location: Fort Worth, TX 76177

Who was the technician that serviced your property? Ever/Ana/Cesar
How was your experience with the first phone call to the company? 4 Stars4
How would you rate the appearance of our service technician? 4 Stars4
How would you rate the competence of our service technician? 5 Stars5
How was the cleanup process? 5 Stars5
How would you rate your overall experience with Dalworth Restoration? 5 Stars5
Comment Had a couple of issues but Dalworth and the technician made it right. Thankful they didn't add to stress. Witnesses 100% professionalism and excellent service. Wished our insurance had used them for our emergency service instead of the other guys. Will pass this on to insurance company as well. Thank you!!
Overall Rating 4.5 Stars

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